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Butch Tilley

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Tilley on the Economy and Inflation:

The most punitive tax of all is high inflation. Wages are going up a bit, but not nearly as high as inflation. Inflation has jumped from 1.7 percent a year ago to 7.5 percent. Half of America has never experienced inflation like what we are experiencing right now. This is the highest rate since 1982. It costs $275 more each month just for people to try to keep up with the standard of living they were at a year ago. Last week I filled up my GMC pickup truck and I paid over $100. People cannot afford that —people who commute to work, people who use their truck for business. We have to open up manufacturing, encourage domestic energy production, and stop over-regulating American business, while cutting back spending on failed social programs and wasteful handouts.

Tilley Supports our Law Enforcement 100%:

Our Maryland Law Enforcement Officers have been under attack for the last two years by out of touch progressive Politicians. These politicians have sided with “advocacy groups” who have an agenda to support criminals and make it more difficult for Police to enforce the Law. As your next State Senator, I will introduce legislation restoring the respect our Law Enforcement Professionals deserve and a tough anti-criminal package that will hold violent offenders accountable. As the President of the Harford County Sheriff’s foundation, we work to support our Deputies and try to make their job just a little easier.

Just In: Local Republican Elected Officials Endorse Butch Tilley for Senate

“There is no better candidate to Support Law Enforcement in Annapolis than Butch Tilley, I am Proud to Endorse him. Butch Tilley has been the President of the Harford Sheriff’s Foundation for five years and he clearly understands the concept of backing the Blue. We are losing a strong sporter of Law Enforcement and Law and Order in Senator Bob Cassilly, we need Butch to replace him and protect our police and keep our community safe.” - Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler

"Butch Tilley has my vote and my endorsement for State Senate. Butch's business background will be an asset to our community as he fights to ensure Harford County residents receives our fair share of State tax dollars. Butch is a Conservative Republican, who I trust to represent us in Annapolis.” - Harford County Councilman Tony G