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Harford County needs a change in Annapolis. We need someone who will fight for conservative values of liberty, freedom and common sense. If you feel like we need a representative who can help Governor Hogan change Maryland, reduce taxes and cut spending, keep reading.


About butch


Butch Tilley is a lifelong Harford County resident who has worked in the private sector to build his business, create jobs and support our community. Butch is not a career politician, and it is time we are represented by business leaders who know how to meet a payroll and make smart fiscal decisions. Our county deserves a strong, successful conservative leader working for us in Annapolis. 




Yard signs help get the word out about the important issues in our community: Lower taxes, support to our public safety professionals, and a healthy dose of real-world experience.




a vote for butch tilley is a vote for conservative leadership

It’s time for a change in our representation in state government. Please join the effort to bring a homegrown businessman to Annapolis.



I have always known Butch Tilley to be a man of high moral character and a supportive father to his two children.  He would represent our community well in Annapolis as an advocate for lower taxes and better jobs.


Forest hill

I love the work Butch has done to grow the Harford County Sheriff’s Foundation.  He doubled the amount of money raised the first year and grew the number of board members.  He works to support public safety every day.


bel air

Butch has helped so many people in our community find stable employment.  He has truly made a difference for Bel Air’s economy. Governor Hogan can continue the trend creating jobs with a true partner like Butch Tilley representing us.

butch tilley will bring common sense to annapolis

he needs your support!

Your financial support will help get the word out to the entire district that we need a change in representation in Annapolis.



Butch Tilley for Delegate

P.O. Box 900

Forest Hill, MD 21050

(410) 803-2778

Authority: Friends of Walter “Butch” Tilley, Jeff Foucault, Treasurer